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Pepperland Kennel

 Leslie Samuals-Healy with Sonjay Glemby at Pepperland. Reserve Best in Show at the Lowchen Club Show 1980. Photo Leslie Samuals-Healy.


The first impression of Leslie Samuels Healy is that she originates from Great Britain. Actually her accent is a residual effect, now tempered with a Texan drawl, of her fifteen years spent in England. Leslie actually grew up in New Jersey, U.S.A. When Beatle-mania hit the States, she resolved, at seventeen, to go to England to meet the Beatles. There Leslie became involved in the dog show scene after deciding she wanted a big shaggy dog just like Paul McCartney had. She couldn’t keep an Old English Sheepdog so went one size down to the Bearded Collie. Leslie’s pet grew into a show quality dog and at her breeder’s behest she began showing in 1968.

Leslie established Pepperland Kennel in 1973. Her involvement with Löwchen began with a chance encounter on a bus specially rented for dog show enthusiasts and their dogs, which was heading to Scotland for a show. Mrs. Healy, then still Miss Samuels, met Susan Dutson who told her about these “neat dogs” that her mother had just imported into quarantine. By the end of the weekend, she became interested enough to make an appointment to visit Mrs. Dutson. She asked Justine Warren of Quinbury Kennel to go with her. They saw the first Löwchen puppies to be born from a breeding that took place during quarantine. The parents were from the Bungener-Heide Kennel. Leslie and Justine went into partnership on the female, a tiny apricot bitch named Rossglen Lotus Blossom, but it was a small apricot male that caught Leslie’s heart. She purchased her first Löwchen, Rossglen Leo at Pepperland. Sadly, he had a vaccination reaction at eight months which killed him. Mrs Dutson had another litter out of Antje Von den Drei lowen. It was from this litter that Leslie’s beloved Charlie Brown was born. Because of him, Mrs Healy was caught by the Löwchen’s captivating snare.

When she returned to the United States in 1981, her dogs came too. Leslie settled in San Angelo, Texas, where she met her husband, Matt Healy. Active in breeding both the Löwchen and Bearded Collies at the time, Leslie went to a number of shows in the Dallas area. Leslie and her husband went into the Real Estate business and were so busy that she eventually participated in fewer shows.

Mrs Healy brought with her to the United States, Löwchen from various bloodlines. Among them were Rossglen Charlie Brown at Pepperland, Sonjay Glemby at Pepperland, American/English Ch. Quinbury Gatanya Fondue at Pepperland, Footprint of Littlecourt in Pepperland, Ch. Yorks Harlequin Duchess, 

Pepperland Miss Piggy. Owned by Earl Marie Dingle. Miss Dingel put the Obedience title on Piggy. Photo E. Dingel.

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