Ashford Kennel Löwchen

New US Standard

The American Löwchen standard was changed in 2010 by the LCA. I was invited to write an article for the annual Show Sight Non-Sporting Issue regarding the changes. Click here for a link to see the PDF file of that article. If you have a MAC computer, you will get the PDF in Prevue. Once you down load the article in Prevue, click the magnifying glass and the article will open in a new window, where you can scroll down to each page. I have scanned the article and it is below under the picture "Von Den Hunden".  Unfortunately I cannot locate the original printed version, so until then I printed and scanned the PDF version to post here. 

Von Den Hunden frontispiece. Written in 1555 by Conrad Gessner, this was the definitive book at the time, for those seeking to understand classification of dogs. For more information on this subject click here to go to my book "The Lowchen, The Breed Forgotten By History

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