Ashford Kennel Löwchen

My first Löwchen

My first Löwchen was Lowe-Ray's Moriah. I got her from a woman in New Hampshire who would not be able to keep her. I had been in contact with Bob Yhlen for a period of time and was waiting for a Löwchen puppy when the opportunity came to get Moriah. 

Moriah was a lovely bitch in every way but one, she was infertile. But no-one knew that at the time I picked her up. She was jet black black. Moriah  was beautifully sized at 12 inches at the shoulder. She had a lovely head and very round, dark eye. Her personality was very self-important and yet pleasant at the same time. She was a delightful little dog to have around. Nothing scared her. I loved her and found myself ever more fascinated with the breed.

I had won a Best in All-Breed Match with her and the judge was a Lhasa breeder from Syracuse. I no longer remember his name, I want to say Barry Thompkins. Anyway, after he gave me the Best in Match win, he asked about getting a puppy from Moriah. I told him that I would not be breeding her because she was infertile and that I was taking her the next day to be spayed. He got all excited and upset, and offered to pay to have her treated at a fertility clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, by the famous Dr. Hutchinson.

I refused, and explained my reasoning to him. I told him that the breed was so rare, and it would be a disaster if one of the foundation dogs was unable to breed naturally, unassisted. I did not want to create a line of bitches that could continue to pass on infertility. On reflection over 30 years later, I think perhaps I should have taken him up on the offer and had a litter with her, if one would have been forthcoming. Knowing what I know now, I would have selected a male from that litter-had there been a decent one in it, so that I might avoid the infertility issue that usually passes easier through the bitch side.

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