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Lowe-Ray Kennel was founded by Bob & Carole Yhlen. The story of how they became involved with the breed is detailed in the book, The Löwchen, The Breed Forgotten By History". Bob Yhlen wrote an article on the breed possibly for "The Dog Catalogue. 
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 I have downloaded This article. 

My first dog came from Bob & Carole Yhlen. I was fortunate to travel to their home in Lake Hopatcong, NJ to see the breed after I had gotten my first Löwchen Lowe-Rays Moriah. I went again to their home to pick up my second Löwchen, Lowe-Rays Rasheena Replica. Rasheena's litter had several Löwchen in it that are found in most all-American pedigrees to this day. The most famous sibling was Earl Marie Dingle's Lowe-Rays Robin Hood, who in my opinion was the best dog out of that litter. He went on to win many notable wins at rare breed shows in the 1980's. 

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