Ashford Kennel Löwchen

Ashford Löwchen

Welcome to my Löwchen website! As it grows, I will be adding many pages and sections having to do with the Löwchen I accumulated through my years in the breed and from my research into the breed. I will include photos of my early dogs and the founding years of Ashford Kennel, as well as photos from trips to see other Löwchen breeders and their dogs. I have lots of documentation that I will be posting such as the registration papers for some of the dogs owned by Madame Bennert & Dr. Rickert as well as some of their personal photos.
You'll get to see some of the early American club history and photos. Eventually all the movers and shakers of the breed in the early days will make an appearance on this site. So it's not only about Ashford dogs, but lots more! 

Ashford Kennel has been in existence since 1977. I have been researching and breeding Lowchen since 1981.
I have devoted a large portion of my life to this breed and am very proud of my accomplishments in the breed.

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