Ashford Kennel Löwchen


Surely one of the most important foundation kennels was the Berdot Kennel owned by Dorothy Goodale of Colorado. She imported all of her foundation dogs, supplying the breed with additional bloodlines, in the early years in the United States. Among the dogs imported were: Leon Von den Drei Lowen, Mirelle Von denDrei Lowen, and her sister, Madelaine Von den Drei Lowen, from Dr. Rickert and Siewlee Leo Goldini Lion, Siewlee Leo Goldilion and Siewlee Leo Lillibetlion from England’s Mrs Burton- Seymour.

Mrs. Goodale and her husband, Bert, lived high in the Rocky Mountains in Montrose, Colorado. Because of the lack of rare breed shows and the difficulty getting to them, Mrs Goodale did not show her dogs. She did sell, or gave away, many Löwchen to those who did show at the reare breed shows. Among the noteworthy dogs produced by Berdot Kennel are Ch. Berdot’s Luke Skywalker, a silver-and-white parti-color, Ch. Berdot’s Troyka, Berdot’s Wallace, a black with silver points, Ch. Berdot’s Lisette, Berdot’s Monique, Berdot’s Papillon, Berdot’s Gingersnap, Berdot’s Janine, Berdot’s Mimi and Berdot’s Little Lady (Colette), a petite cream-colored female. These dogs were often  found in the early American-bred Löwchen pedigrees.

Mrs. Goodale worked closely with Liz Vargo, giving her an excellent start in the breed. Among the noteworthy dogs sent to Mrs. Vargo by Mrs. Goodale were Ch. Berdot’s Luke Skywalker, Berdot’s Monique and Ch. Berdot’s Lisette. Both Ch. Berdot’s Luke Skywalker and Ch. Berdot’s Lisette were campaigned by Mrs. Vargo to their champion titles. "Luke" won many groups and several Best in Rare breed Shows while Lisette won one 
Best in Rare Breed. Show. "Luke" was one of the most widely-used stud dogs of his time. Among dogs sired by him were: Ch. Manfred’s Noir Moustique, Ch. Destiny’s Lady Tache and Berdot’s Little Lady. "Luke" was sired by Leon Von den Drei Lowen who also figures heavily behind other top-producing dogs. "Leon" may well have been one of the most valuable imports to American bloodlines.

Eventually Mrs. Goodale decided to stop breeding Löwchen so she could concentrate on her Havanese. Among the dogs dispersed were Berdot’s Lisette and Berdot’s Wallace. Lisette turned out to be a valuable addition to the Destiny Kennel as she produced: Manfred’s Little Gingersnap, Destiny’s the Highway Man, Destiny’s Noir Lite Peggy and Destiny’s The Force Be With You. Lisette would 
probably have continued to produce other quality dogs but she tragically died in a house and kennel fire.

Berdot’s Wallace was sent to Gini Denninger, who was cautioned against taking the dog by another breeder because of heavy Siewlee influence in his pedigree. The Siewlee dogs were blamed for causing bad bites. "Wally" proved to be an important cornerstone for the Ashford Kennel. He sired multi-Best in Show dog Ch. Ashford’s Dhy-Bhur Hassan and other 

champions. Miss Denninger credits him for helping to keep size down in her dogs. As for the bad bites, they never were a problem. "Wally" also had a wonderful personality and was loved dearly. 

Mrs. Goodale was active in other breeds prior to and after the Löwchen. She specialized in rare breeds, usually keeping them until they became AKC recognized. Some of the breeds she owned were the Soft-Coated Wheatan Terrier, Chinese Crested, Bolognese, Cesky Terrier and Havanese. Due to her and her husband’s poor health, she was forced to cut back her breeding activities. Mrs. Goodale held the original Havanese registry, eventually turning it over to the United Kennel Club in 1991.

I believe that Mrs Goodales’s talent in blending the German imports with British imports improved the quality of Löwchen in the United States. Furthermore, her bloodlines meshed well with the Lowe-Ray line, creating 
even more quality dogs with which breeders could work. Mrs. Goodale did not care for the Yhlens and as a consequence, she was not active in the Little Lion Dog Club of America. Despite that, her skills asa breeder kept her at the fore-front in the early days of the breed in the UInited States. 

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