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Ashford Co-Owners

Through the years I have have worked with many co-owners. When I sell my show puppies they ALWAYS go on co-ownership. There is a reason to my madness. Doing so, allows me to let my best puppies go to show homes. The show homes benefit in that they get the pick of the litter. I always ask for 2 puppies back from the females I sell, not from the same litter and reserve the right to use the males I sell on co-own on bitches I own, co-own or lease. This way, while I have let someone else get a superior dog, I have not neglected my own breeding program and I am able to continue. Show buyers get the best dog possible, and don't get second pick, which they often get from other show breeders who pick the best for themselves and sell 2nd pick to the buyers. This policy has served many well. Many American show kennels have based their start on my dogs and many of today's top dogs have Ashford dogs behind them, I am proud to say.

Through the years I have also imported dogs and given them on co-ownerships to people I respected and trusted these dogs to and to work with me. They are also included in the below list since we co-owned these dogs. 

A not-yet complete list, in alphabetical order:

Brenda & Mike Adams
Jo Beckett
Diane Bernard
Paul Bernard
Bon & Nan Braesaemle
Della & Bob Cialini
David Cordin
Roberta Corkill
Louise Davidson
Earl Marie Dingle
Sheri & Mike Forbes
Kris Fletcher
Pat Hogan
Cheryl Kelly
Wade Koistinen
Richard & Jennifer Lawless
Sandi Lunka
Carolyn Marzano
Jann Nienhaus
Nadine Pelleschi
Morgan Quirin
Cory Rivera
Ardis Shurtless
Stacy Strickland
Janette Swindler
Bonnie Van Oosterhout
Liz Vargo
Sally Waltrip

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