Ashford Kennel Löwchen

Archive Project

Through the years I have been accumulating many documents that were owned by the many of the early breeders including Madame Bennert, Dr. Rickert and Frau Ostertag. I have also gathered boxes of materials having to do with the LCA and my own Ashford dogs. As the years roll by, and I mean roll by, I have become more conscious of the need to properly archive all these materials. It is these materials that you will eventually be able to completely access here on this site.

I finally began the process. To start, I had to procure archival quality sleeves and papers. These materials need to be acid-free. Each individual piece of paper and photo is secured in its own sleeve. As I place each piece, I number the sleeve, so that all items are still in the order as they were when they were placed by their previous owners, Dr. Rickert, Madame Bennert or Frau Ostertag. I then place the pieces into an archival envelope, in the correct order. Some of the envelopes have a list of items of its content to make it easier to find documents as needed. 

I am still trying to find a repository for these documents. I had originally planned to give them to the AKC Library. While this could still happen, I am not so sure yet. The Library is now closed and in order to access its files and stacks, you have to make an appointment. When making the appointment you will have to let the librarian know what you are looking for. I do not know what I will ultimately do with the archive. I need to place it where it is easily accessed by anyone who wants to research the archive. I am still open to suggestions from breed fanciers. All ideas considered. 

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